Searching for high quality, easy-to-operate cartoning equipment?

Serpa has over 35 years of experience building packaging machinery for various industries. Our cartoners can accommodate side load, vertical load, top load, intermittent and continuous motion applications. We design our machinery to be maintenance-friendly, easy-to-operate, and rugged.


Serpa Quality

Compact Footprint

Tool-less Changeover

98% Uptime, Guaranteed

Serpa designs machines to keep a compact footprint while accomplishing everything you need for your application.

Changeover on Serpa machines is fast, easy, and does not require any specialized tools.

Serpa guarantees that your machine will run at 98% efficiency. That means less time, product, and labor wasted.

I’ve been working as an engineer since 1994 and I’ve never seen any supplier take care of a customer like Serpa did for us. Amazing. You all are awesome.

– Engineer, Bausch Health


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